Flare Audio Quadhorn Bass Bin Rental

Flare Audio QuadHorn Q218 Dual 18″ bass bin for 8x hire as 20kw bottom end on Festival, Concert, Band PA outdoor event
Audio Hire of 20kw Bass bin Rig, Package of 8x Flare Audio Stealth Array QuadHorn Sub-Bass bin Dual 18″ horn loaded drivers 2500w rating, Long throw coupling for outdoor festival, concert, Disco, DJ, Band PA events. Comes with a 32a rack of 8 x Bridged Crown XTI4000 dsp 3200w amps for 8x £40.

Package of 4 x dual bins a side, Can deliver from Surrey/ Hants to London M25 area
The UK built Flare Audio is a low-frequency Horn loaded bass bin enclosure designed for use in applications requiring accurate and powerful reproduction of Sub bass, and particularly upper bass frequencies, at extremely high levels. Its ability to reproduce low-frequency program material with such integrity at long distances makes the Quadhorn ideal for both fixed club installations, Outdoor festivals in fields and medium to large touring PA systems.

Flare Audio QuadHorn BASS ENCLOSURE
The QuadHorn is a double 18 neodymium horn loaded bass enclosure with a coupled flare that provides an unrivalled tightness, sound quality and dispersion control of bass frequency

Horn loading is on a horizontal plane enabling a one person setup of 2x Quadhorn to form one large 90 degree horn. 2 tipped up on end make up a W bin for long throw coupling
When used in pairs the QuadHorn couples on both the horizontal and vertical plane giving an extreme efficiency and power.
The Quadhorn supplies one of the cleanest, most defined and controlled bass available today
Technical Information
Clean, tight and defined bass
45 degree highly controlled dispersion
Sealed high pressure area
Coupled Flare design
18mm Birch Ply construction
Easy driver access whilst in use
One person easy setup and de-rig
Designed, manufactured and assembled in Sussex, UK

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4x Q18 bass bins coupling together

Technical Specification
Power Handling: 2000w rms
Frequency Response: 30hz 250hz
Impedance: 4 ohms ( 2x 8 ohm drivers )
Connections: 2x Neutrik Speakon NL4 (linked)
Nett Weight: 100kg

Depth: 85cm
Height: 65cm

Flare Audio QuadHorn Q418 5000w 2ohm 4x 18″ sub bass bin



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