TurboSound Dual BassBin Rental

RCF , Flare audio, Turbosound, Celestion & Pacrim Line array and Concert Sound Festival Bass bin rental from East London based LineArray Hire PA systems

The TurboSound Floodlight TSW-718 is a low-frequency Horn loaded bass bin enclosure designed for use in applications requiring accurate and powerful reproduction of Sub bass, and particularly upper bass frequencies, at extremely high levels. Its ability to reproduce low-frequency program material with such integrity at long distances makes the TSW-718 ideal for both fixed club installations, Outdoor festivals in fieds and medium to large touring PA systems.

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More pictures and product info here: Cylex Turbosound

The TSW-718 incorporates the TurboBass™ device, a unique patented design which employs a high-velocity partial horn loading technique, giving precise cone control at high power levels. Much of the impact of contemporary dance music is concentrated in the upper bass frequencies. It is in this area that the TSW-718 addresses an increasing demand for accurate, high definition bass reproduction, especially in discotheque and club environments. This ability to provide fast, ‘punchy’ low frequency reinforcement also makes the TSW-718 ideally suited for use in medium to large PA applications.

We only now have 1 a side stack of these Blue Turbosound TSW-718 rated at 1.6kw @ 4ohms concert festival bass bins at £30 a day each, £60 per night for stack of 2.

We just use them as a pair below stage center fills, on stage sidefill or below drum wedge as bottom end extension when using our bigger 16kw Flare audio bottom end rig outfront

Delivery £50 each way
Call/ Text Roger on 07973 430950 for more information/ availability

Collection and Delivery from 1 Townfield Corner, East London



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